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Role:Telugu Teacher



seeking a qualified and enthusiastic Telugu Teacher to join our educational institution. The Telugu Teacher will be responsible for designing and delivering engaging Telugu language lessons, fostering a positive learning environment, and promoting cultural understanding among students.

Responsibilities:Teaching Telugu Language:

Plan and deliver lessons that cover Telugu language fundamentals, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing.
Adapt teaching methods and materials to meet the needs of diverse learners, including beginners and advanced students.
Create a supportive and engaging learning environment to facilitate language acquisition.

Curriculum Development:

Develop and update teaching materials, resources, and curriculum based on students’ needs and the latest educational trends.
Design assessments and exams to evaluate students’ language proficiency.
Cultural Context:

Introduce students to Telugu culture, traditions, and history as part of language learning.
Organize cultural events or activities to enhance students’ understanding of the Telugu-speaking world.

Individualized Support:

Provide one-on-one assistance and guidance to students who may be struggling with language concepts.
Offer additional resources or tutoring to help students improve their Telugu language skills

Education Required:

A bachelor’s degree in Telugu language, Telugu literature, education, or a related field is typically required. A master’s degree is often preferred for higher-level teaching positions.

Language Proficiency:
Native or near-native proficiency in Telugu is essential.
Strong command of English, especially for teaching non-Telugu speakers.

Teaching Experience:
Previous teaching experience, especially in language instruction, is beneficial.
Experience in curriculum development and assessment is a plus.

Cultural Knowledge:
A deep understanding of Telugu culture, history, and traditions is important for providing a comprehensive language education.
Communication Skills:
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact effectively with students, parents, and colleagues.

Patience and Empathy:
Patience and empathy are crucial when working with learners at different levels of proficiency.
The ability to adapt teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of students is essential.
Classroom Management Skills:
Effective classroom management skills to maintain order and create a conducive learning environment.

Technology Skills:
Proficiency in using educational technology and resources for teaching Telugu, especially in online or blended learning environments.
Opportunity to be a part of a dynamic growth focused tech startup.

Great learning opportunities to develop new skills and understanding of cutting edge software tools and processes.
Opportunity to work closely with serial tech entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.
Fun-loving environment and caring team mates and inclusive culture of the company

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